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March 7, 2012



Pelifics – Lifetime EP

February 22, 2012


Brilliantine Records is proud to present the latest offering from Oslo producer Pelifics (alias of Eirik Seu Stokkmo) as an EP in two potent acts.

Expanding on his already notorious style, Lifetime Volume 1 provides us with his markedly fresh combination of disco and house, infused with a strong homage to 1980’s pop and funk. The result is a series of compositions that leave the listener happily oscillating between sounds of youthful nostalgia and the future sound of disco.

The first track and first single of the EP is the ethereal “Wish It Could Last”, a collaboration with 2011 Drive Soundtrack darlings Electric Youth. With a marked Pet Shop Boys vibe, tracks are injected with strange new life in a juxtaposition between anthematic indie dance beats and Bronwyn’s whimsical vocals.

Can’t Promise Anything with Human Life veers Volume 1 into different (yet strangely familiar) territory, and makes you hope with all your might that someone will choreograph a dance routine to accompany it. Again we’re presented with patchwork collection of sounds from a bygone and much romanticized era, but with fierce funk riffs that bite back.

Magic takes us on another disco-tainted journey that merges flawlessly with the best elements of the second age of golden pop. In Pelifics own words, “The track started off as a homage to one of my all time favourite tracks “Nothing Looks the Same in the Light” from Wham!’s album Fantastic.”


February 21, 2012


Softwar are 2 body builders from Sydney - Myles Du Chateau & Jeremy Lloyd - and they HAVE FINALLY finished their EP on Future Classic called 'This Time Around'.

As much as we tease Softwar at HOW SLOW THEY ARE they have some pretty serious chops - their debut EP was signed to DJ Kaos' label Jolly Jams, their track ‘Colour Flight’ was hand picked by Kitsune for their Tokyo Mix CD, their residence at Slow Blow at Goodgod, Sydney has got millions of hot fashion girls into deep house AND they've remixed Mario & Vidis and Mitzi – meaning this will be their third appearance on Future Classic vinyl.

When Softwar started sending us demos they often came labeled with odd names like 'keyboard', 'brown noise' or 'good song' - so we had to ask them "What happened to brown noise.mp3 and realgooddemo.wav?"

"We tried to give the songs half decent, suitable names. 'This Time Around' was kinda easy as the lyrics are pretty self explanatory.. 'you got me feeling real good this time around', ‘August’ was made in... Surprise... August! and then ‘Taken Liberty’ was made with honestly no real meaning in mind at all - maybe a reference to some time we spent in New York last year."

'This Time Around' resonates filtery deep funk, soul and house and we're glad it’s finally here and not called brown noise.

Flights of Fancy

February 4, 2012



very great production. will be released on 13th 2012 on the side of "International Feel"

Saturday’s day out

February 4, 2012


Today we can relax a bit. Yeah! it's true. no work, no boring alarms, no coffe.. I'm so lazy to write this $hit) forgive me and listen



Escort - Chameleon Chameleon - Ilija Rudman Music Interepretation 12''

Jazzanova - I Human feat. Paul Randolph (Vakula remix)

Pyjamas - London2Brighton (Homeboy & Pytzek remix)

Till von Sein - Tilly's 61 Rhodes Jam (Erdbeerschnitzel Remix) OUT SOON

Bordello A Parigi

February 2, 2012

Another great label I discovered today) You can find some great mixes inspired with "roma" feel. Also you can buy a great EP by Histeric, available at juno


Mario Moretti – In Love With Nebula from Bordello A Parigi on Vimeo.

Hysteric – Brother Martin from Bordello A Parigi on Vimeo.

Mario Moretti – Safety Station from Bordello A Parigi on Vimeo.

Stay Cool

February 2, 2012

Digitally remastered from the original master tapes, this reissue of the 1983 album captures Jaki and John's hopes and dreams of the era perfectly.

Written and recorded at their commune in France, it was previously released as a private press only album on their own Living Records and has become a much talked about collectors item for diggers and afficiandos, with prices to match, over the subsequent years.

To be pressed on 180 grams virgin vinyl, the album will finally be available again in Spring 2012.

Wild It’s Broken

February 2, 2012


Remastered reissue of mega-rare slab of 70's Californian Psyche-Funk.

Out Getting Ribs

February 1, 2012


Outro to the L.P, the last of eight tracks however not the last to be recorded. The guitar was inspired by a close friend Jerk Curb, but only in the tuning. The riffs and melodies have all been created to enhance ‘a cliff hanger ending’ throughout. The lyrics are very intellectual and so listeners who know me stand no chance in understanding them. An outsider however may be of some accurate interpretation. Archy K I Marshall.

Disco action

February 1, 2012


what a pity that I found it just now.

official page says:

I’m from Siberia! I make deep/funky/nu-disco/edits/tracks.

nice to meet you buddy! and your productions too